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Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with a directed drawing with our first grade buddies 🍀

Morning recess is amazing, especially after a fresh damp snow❄️☃️

Drop Everything and Read with Mr. Baron’s magical book cart!📚

More cockroach observations. Do they have individual differences?

In my opinion, this is the best field trip of the school year. We toured the humane society and donated the supplies that we collected. @hsccvt

We delivered all of our supplies to the Humane Society this morning! These kids are so generous @hsccvt

Great winter carnival day at UCS with both schools! Thanks @amanda_lynn_c for the organization👍🏻❄️

Are Madagascar hissing cockroaches insects? What adaptations do hissing cockroaches have?

Learning about conserving water with our middle schooler teachers. How can you save water each day?

I am so impressed by these adorable third graders who decided on their own to set up a table to collect donations for the humane society on a Saturday! Thank you to the families for supporting these girls. @hsccvt